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About us

Pollet industrie nv, is a small but lively third generation, family run company. Active on the industrial markets with the production of custom made hoses, either low or very high pressure concerning applications for hydraulics, pneumatics, and waterblast solutions for the cleaning industry. On the other hand we provide a broad variety of automotive products for garages and body repair, and Sestriere industrial heavy duty paints.

We assemble our hydraulic and high-pressure hoses by using only the finest of ingredients supplied to us by leading providers such as Dunlop, Spir Star, Hiflex etc.

To make sure we can live up to the high safety standards and wishes of our customers, Pollet industrie nv invested in ‘state of the art’ testing equipment and a test site bunker.

Our broad range of industrial Sestriere paints make up for all everyday used heavy duty applications and are available in a wide variety of colours.

Due to our know-how, long time experience and up to date equipment we deliver quality products and a terrific service.